Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Now this is just plain ignorant Connecticut.

In my opinion Connecticut just walked all over the second amendment by voting in laws that are no where near constitutional and I understand the the Sandy hook school shooting was a tragedy but disarming people does NOT protect people in the bill is what they are calling a registry of dangerous weapons offenders REALLY just because you own a gun does NOT mean you are a criminal and you also have to apply for an "ammunition eligibility" certificate just to buy ammo. No wonder companies like Colt are leaving there goes more jobs and tax revenue. The bill also requires any magazines of 10 rounds or more must be registered and also a background check for each weapon purchased which you already have to do no matter what or at least you do here in Iowa if your buying from an FFL dealer. Also the bill bans about 100 more "assault weapons " in addition to the numerous weapons already banned in Connecticut but I am just thankful that i live in Iowa and not a state that is walking all over the constitution and the second amendment. If you want to read some more about click the link below.

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