Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Boarder Crisis

Ok so let me first start off by saying I support immigration into the United States as long as it is done legally. America was built upon immigration. It was once called a melting pot of nationality's and cultures and I still believe it is today. I would gladly support any immigrant that came here legally to start a new life or to continue their dream of a happy and prosperous life. But what we have happening down along the mexico border is far from an organized immigration I would call it more of an invasion. I'm calling it an invasion because they are coming by the thousand's tens of thousands probably. This is no organized immigration this them showing up on your doorstep saying feed me, water me, clothe and shelter me because it's my right. No it's not your right and it's not my right to provide you with everything. I provide for myself and my family. Not a family that came into this country illegally. These illegal's are being housed at military bases and other public housing areas. Military bases are for military not an illegal immigrant and public housing should be used for actual american citizens that need some help. Not only are they using things and places that is not theirs they are bringing unwanted diseases such as lice, scabies, chicken pox and I'm sure the list goes on and on.  So now we have a national health issue to deal with if all of them are allowed to stay and allowed to enroll into school programs and other programs it will only spread and get worse.  Also since they have no money I'm not trying to judge here but I'm sure theft and assaults will be on the rise as they steal from each other and that becomes national security threat. So in my conclusion we need to get funding and build a wall and keep the wall secured and maybe move some more funding toward our immigration office's so they can better handle the flow of legal immigrants that are wanting to come into America in hopes of starting a new life and finding their own american dream.

Please comment and share this. I would like to hear and respond to others thoughts on this issue.

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